2020 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

2020 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

PERC 2020 – Fairmont Tremblant, Quebec

January 26th – January 30th, 2020


The PERC 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the Fairmont Tremblant in the heart of the ski village Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The Fellows Education Day was held on the Sunday prior to the research presentations – this day was a great success with distinguished guest speakers Drs. Ariane Boutin and Sasha Dubrovsky.  Dr. Eileen Bridges from the CMPA presented her talk “Transition to Practice”.   New this year, we included a “Pediatric Disaster Simulation – Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario” workshop ran by Dr. Elene Khalil, Dr. Tamara Gafoor and Dr Marina Mir (PEM Fellow) from Montreal Children’s Hospital.  This 2-hour session identified the paradigm shift, including alternate triage methods that occurs in a Code Orange with special attention to the particularities of pediatric disaster preparedness.


We were fortunate enough to have the keynote speaker Dr. Marc Cherniwchan from the University of Alberta present his talk – “Ex Nihilo: How Innovation Arises from the Ashes of Burnout”. This keynote addressed the issue of how PERC members can envision and develop new ideas within the demanding environments of clinical Emergency Medicine and academic research. Current thought on the nature of the creative process itself were reviewed – followed by an exploration of inhibitors present in the current workplace. Dr. Cherniwchan also held a Panel Discussion workshop titled “Didn’t See That Comin’” on issues of approaching distressed, disruptive, or impaired colleagues in the work-place, as well as the issues of fall-out from adverse complaints, litigation, and personal illness which was moderated by Dr. Samina Ali.


TREKK held a network meeting and presented to the entire group about their recent successes and what is planned for the future. The iPCT SPOR group held a 2-hour meeting where patient partners presented the patient engagement strategy.  The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons also held there subspecialty meeting while at PERC.


PERC 2020 was also the year the network saw the transition of the PERC executive Chair positions.  Dr. Amy Plint from CHEO served 16 years on the PERC executive, 12 of those years standing as the Vice-Chair, Chair and Past Chair.  The PERC network would like to express our gratitude for Amy’s fantastic leadership and commitment and thank her for the tremendous growth and success of PERC!  Dr. Samina Ali from the Stollery, Edmonton, has moved into the Vice-Chair position with Dr. Roger Zemek (CHEO) the current Chair and Dr. Stephen Freedman the Past Chair.



PERC 2020 Statistics


Total Attendees = 179 (highest attendance ever)

Fellows/trainees = 51

Coordinators/allied health professionals = 48

Staff = 80


Total Presentations and Meetings = 79

Fellows presentations = 36

New Research = 6

Completed Research = 4

Ongoing & Updates = 11

Investigator Meetings = 22