2018 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

2018 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

PERC 2018 – Fairmont Mont Tremblant

January 28 – February 1, 2018


The PERC 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the Fairmont Mont Tremblant in Quebec. The Fellows Education Day was held on the Sunday prior to the research presentations – this day was a great success with distinguished guest speakers Drs. Jocelyn Gravel, Jennifer Thull-Freedman and William Craig and Janet Nuth from the CMPA.  This year we continued with the PEM Panel discussion at the end of the day, four directors from across Canada participated in this dynamic panel discussion. We were fortunate enough to have the keynote speaker Dr. PJ Subbarao from The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, present her talk “The CHILD study – a multicenter Canadian birth cohort study”.  We also had a guest speaker from PECARN, Dr. Rich Ruddy, present his talk “Network and single center research – ‘New’ models to consider”.  TREKK held a network meeting and presented to the entire group about their recent successes and what is planned for the future. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons also held there subspecialty meeting while at PERC.

PERC 2018 Statistics

Total Attendees = 163


     Coordinators = 31


     Physicians/Allied Health = 69


     Fellows = 53


     Trainees = 0


     TREKK Representatives = 9


International Participants = 1

 Total Presentations & Meetings = 73

     Fellows = 36

     Trainee = 0

     New Research = 3

     Completed Research = 6

     Ongoing & Updates = 11

     Investigator Meetings = 17