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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the following ten positions that are elected by the PERC membership.

  • Past Chair
  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • PERC Executive Member
  • PERC Executive Member
  • PERC Executive Member
  • PERC Executive Member
  • Fellow Representative
  • Research Coordinator Representative
  • PERC National Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be responsible for planning and setting the agenda for each annual meeting of PERC. In addition they will:

  • Communicate regularly with the membership about the status of studies and potential new studies.
  • Administer any funds that come into PERC directly.
  • Keep accurate minutes, which are circulated in a timely fashion.
  • Initiate review of new studies.
  • Monitor ongoing studies and identify issues that need addressing.
  • Develop guidelines and policies that determine how PERC will conduct its business.

Annual Meeting & Other Means of Communication

PERC members will meet once per year to be updated on newly approved and on-going studies, and to hear about and discuss potential new studies. The Executive Committee will draw up the agenda with input from the PERC membership. As well, informal ad-hoc meetings may be arranged in association with any major North American conference that is relevant to pediatric emergency medicine. Throughout the remainder of the year communication will occur through teleconferences, email and a regularly updated website.