PERC Project Intake Form

PERC-Endorsement and Review Process

Any PERC member may bring forward a study to the PERC executive for consideration as a PERC study. A PERC study must involve more than one PERC ED site/investigator. Types of studies that can be put forward for PERC-Endorsement include prospective and retrospective cohorts, clinical trials, surveys using the PERC Physician list, database studies using external data, systematic reviews, and trials of knowledge synthesis tools.  A minimum of 2 centres must be involved in recruiting participants and investigators from 2 centres must work collaboratively on the project for it to be eligible for consideration as a PERC study.

The PERC-Endorsement and review process involves three phases to assist PIs with developing a methodologically sound project and to promote the likelihood of successfully obtaining grant funding from a peer-review agency. The first phase involves the PI filling out a PERC Study Intake Form in REDCap. This form communicates details about the proposed study. Based on a review of the information provided, the PI will either be contacted for additional details or will be asked to proceed to the second phase: providing a concept paper for review by the PERC Executive. Based on the review of the concept paper, the PI will be contacted for additional details or asked to proceed to the third phase: providing a full study protocol and budget for review by the PERC Executive and/or designated PERC members.

PERC Concept Paper Template

Click here to download the PERC concept paper template.  This needs to be completed for the PERC Executive to review. 

PERC Guidelines for Survey Administration 

Surveys that are eligible for submission to use the PERC Survey List must meet the following criteria:

  1. Developed and conducted by a PERC member or a team that includes a PERC member;
  2. Not for profit;
  3. Free from potential corporate influence or undue bias;
  4. Funding sources, if corporate, must be in the form of an unconditional education grant; for research grants, the granting agency must be at arm’s length with no influence; and
  5. Relevant to the practice of pediatric emergency medicine.

To read the full guidelines for the use of the PERC survey database, please click here

To access the PERC project intake form, please click here