PERC Physician Survey Database

Looking to use the PERC Physician Database for a Survey?

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Please note:

The 2023 survey window is now full and any new submissions will be reviewed for the 2024 window.

PERC Physician Survey Database

Click here to view the PERC Physician Database Survey Guidelines


  1. To improve the caliber of survey research being conducted within PERC.
  2. To facilitate the process by which surveys are administered to PERC members.
  3. To improve the response rates for surveys circulated to the PERC membership.
  4. To decrease the burden of survey requests upon the PERC membership.


Surveys that are eligible for submission to use the PERC Survey List must meet the following criteria:

  1. Developed and conducted by a PERC member or a team that includes a PERC member;
  2. Not for profit;
  3. Free from potential corporate influence or undue bias;
  4. Funding sources, if corporate, must be in the form of an unconditional education grant; for research grants, the granting agency must be at arm’s length with no influence; and
  5. Relevant to the practice of pediatric emergency medicine.

** A maximum of 2 surveys per cycle of 4 will be permitted for an individual PERC member


Applications to use the PERC Survey List will be accepted throughout the year and peer-reviewed by 2 PERC members. The PERC peer-review process will evaluate all survey submissions using a standardized template. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Goals
  2. Survey development methodology
  3. Relevance to PERC’s mandate
  4. Importance to the field of pediatric emergency medicine
  5. Quality of the survey including clarity, length and flow
  6. Future plans based on results of survey 
  7. Justifiable time sensitivity 
  8. Accessibility of survey to PERC membership (via translation to both official languages)

The process for approving surveys will be based on the above criteria using a standardized form (see appendix I). If all the criteria are not met then the Principal Investigator will be contacted with feedback and invited to re-submit once the comments have been addressed. A study survey will be placed in the queue only once it has been approved by the PERC Executive.


We require you to complete the PERC Physician Database Survey Study Application using the following link – 

  • The completion of the Physician Database Survey Study Application Intake Form includes uploading the following forms:
    1. A 2-page summary of the survey protocol (background, objectives, methods, impact) that addresses the criteria outlined in the  PERC Database Application – Summary Form.
    2. The final version of the survey (ie. following the completion of the drafting and revision process) including all branches.
    3. A copy of the REB/Ethics approval letter.

Repeat submission is permitted and encouraged. The review process will focus on survey methodology as described by Burns et al. CMAJ, 2008: 179(3); 245-252 (  All submissions will require the signing of a conflict of interest disclaimer related to the criteria described under “Eligible Surveys.”

Each PERC member approved to use the PERC Survey List will have a 2-month exclusive window to implement their study survey.  All pre-notification emails, surveys, and reminders must be sent within that 2-month window. We plan to provide 2-3 months’ notice to successful applicants prior to their distribution timeframe.  We will encourage the use of a standardized introduction to each survey that will clearly identify to the recipient that the survey has been endorsed by PERC and that it is the only survey that they will be requested to respond to for a 2-month period, in an attempt to optimize response rates.  All surveys must be created to ensure there cannot be repeat responses from one person and any reminder emails are to be sent to those who have not completed the survey.