2015 Publications

Diagnosing clinically significant dehydration in children with acute gastroenteritis using noninvasive methods: a meta-analysis.
Stephen B Freedman, Ben Vandermeer, Andrea Milne, Lisa Hartling, David Johnson, Karen Black, Robert Porter, Gary Joubert, Serge Gouin, Quynh Doan, Janie Williamson, Lynell Aucoin, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Mona Jabbour, Terry Klassen
J Pediatr. 2015 Feb; 166(4): 908-16.e1-6
[PMID: 25641247 ]

Emergency Department Treatment of Children With Diarrhea Who Attend Day Care: A Randomized Multidose Trial of a Lactobacillus helveticus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus Combination Probiotic.
Stephen B Freedman, Philip M Sherman, Andrew Willan, David Johnson, Serge Gouin, Suzanne Schuh
Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2015 Feb; 54(12): 1158-66
[PMID: 25669920 ]

Bronchodilator and steroid use for the management of bronchiolitis in Canadian pediatric emergency departments.
Amy C Plint, Renee Grenon, Terry P Klassen, David W Johnson
CJEM. 2015 Mar; 17(1): 46-53
[PMID: 25781383 ]

High-fidelity simulation in pediatric emergency medicine: a national survey of facilitator comfort and practice.
Jung Lee, Adam Cheng, Carla Angelski, Dominic Allain, Samina Ali
Pediatr Emerg Care. 2015 Mar; 31(4): 260-5
[PMID: 25803751 ]

Pediatric Pain Management in the Emergency Department: The Triage Nurses’ Perspective.
Daina Thomas, Janeva Kircher, Amy C Plint, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Amanda S Newton, Rhonda J Rosychuk, Simran Grewal, Samina Ali
J Emerg Nurs. 2015 Apr; 41(5): 407-13
[PMID: 25837698 ]

Canadian pediatric emergency physician knowledge of concussion diagnosis and initial management.
Roger Zemek, Kaylee Eady, Katherine Moreau, Ken J Farion, Beverly Solomon, Margaret Weiser, Carol Dematteo
CJEM. 2015 May; 17(2): 115-22
[PMID: 25927255 ]

Crowding measures associated with the quality of emergency department care: a systematic review.
Antonia S Stang, Jennifer Crotts, David W Johnson, Lisa Hartling, Astrid Guttmann
Acad Emerg Med. 2015 May; 22(6): 643-56
[PMID: 25996053 ]

The design of a multicentre Canadian surveillance study of sedation safety in the paediatric emergency department.
Maala Bhatt, Mark G Roback, Gary Joubert, Ken J Farion, Samina Ali, Suzanne Beno, C Michelle McTimoney, Andrew Dixon, Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky, Nick Barrowman, David W Johnson, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Candace McGahern, Zach Cantor, Nadia Dow, Gabino Travassos
BMJ Open. 2015 May; 5(5): e008223
[PMID: 26024999 ]

Gastroenteritis Therapies in Developed Countries: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Stephen B Freedman, Dion Pasichnyk, Karen J L Black, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Serge Gouin, Andrea Milne, Lisa Hartling, David Johnson, Karen Black, Robert Robert, Gary Joubert, Serge Gouin, Quynh Doan, Janie Williamson, Lynell Aucoin, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Mona Jabbour, Terry Klassen
PLoS One. 2015 Jun; 10(6): e0128754
[PMID: 26075617 ]

Cost Consequence Analysis of Implementing the Low Risk Ankle Rule in Emergency Departments.
Kathy Boutis, Camilla von Keyserlingk, Andrew Willan, Unni G Narayanan, Robert Brison, Paul Grootendorst, Amy C Plint, Melissa Parker, Ron Goeree
Ann Emerg Med. 2015 Jul
[PMID: 26187612 ]

Treating and Reducing Anxiety and Pain in the Paediatric Emergency Department: The TRAPPED survey.
Evelyne D Trottier, Samina Ali, Sylvie Le May, Jocelyn Gravel
Paediatr Child Health. 2015 Jul; 20(5): 239-44
[PMID: 26175559 ]

Derivation and validation of a clinical decision rule to identify young children with skull fracture following isolated head trauma.
Jocelyn Gravel, Serge Gouin, Dominic Chalut, Louis Crevier, Jean-Claude Décarie, Nicolas Elazhary, Benoit Masse
CMAJ. 2015 Sep
[PMID: 26350911 ]