Pain Interest Group (PiG)


To encourage high quality pain management practice and research through multi-centre, cross-disciplinary collaboration, stewardship of trainees, and sharing of expertise and resources.  


  • To make scholarly contributions to the field of paediatric pain research including therapeutics, epidemiology, basic science, and knowledge translation
  • To foster collaborative relationships with investigators nationally and internationally in an effort to pool resources and combine expertise
  • To mentor trainees through all stages of research (i.e. study design to knowledge translation)
  • To support and guide novice or junior researchers with respect to project development and implementation
  • To establish and maintain collaboration with relevant national and international research networks (CAEP, PERN, PECARN, TREKK) in the study of pediatric pain
  • To encourage and inform best practices for pediatric pain management within Canada, and beyond


The responsibilities of the executive committee will include the following:

  • Planning and development of agenda at the annual PERC meeting
  • Communicate with membership about the status of ongoing studies and potential new projects
  • Identify and support avenues to promote collaboration, mentorship, and sharing of resources
  • Communication of opportunities and resources relevant to pediatric pain research and management
  • The PIG will endeavor to play a supportive role in the progress of studies undertaken by junior or novice researchers. This may involve aiding in the development of study design, implementation, data interpretation, manuscript preparation and presentation. The PIG will also serve as a liaison to other members of PERC to provide counsel in these areas should this be anticipated to benefit the investigator


Includes any clinical, research, or academic colleagues from all disciplines, including learners, with an interest in optimizing the treatment of pain in children.