2011 Publications

PERC 2011 Publications

Prospective assessment of practice pattern variations in the treatment of pediatric gastroenteritis.
Stephen B Freedman, Serge Gouin, Maala Bhatt, Karen J L Black, David Johnson, Chantal Guimont, Gary Joubert, Robert Porter, Quynh Doan, Richard van Wylick, Suzanne Schuh, Eshetu Atenafu, Mohamed Eltorky, Dennis Cho, Amy Plint, Marika Anthony-Shaw, Deborah Atchison, Lynell Aucoin, Sarah Bocking, Adrianna Breen, Chantelle Clarkin, Annie-Claude Danjou, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Debbie Harnum, Syed Rafat Ali Jaffri, Laura Keating, Anne-Marie Krancevic, Cindy Langford, Nathalie Morin, Jackie Fiander, Ann Marie White, Janie Williamson
Pediatrics. 2011 Jan; 127(2): e287-95
[PMID: 21262881 ]

Use of the Ottawa Ankle Rules in children: a survey of physicians' practice patterns.
Shawn K Dowling, Ian Wishart
CJEM. 2011 Oct; 13(5): 333-8; E44-6
[PMID: 21955415 ]

Diagnostic coding of abuse related fractures at two children's emergency departments.
Zeeshanefatema Somji, Amy Plint, Candice McGahern, Ahmed Al-Saleh, Kathy Boutis
Child Abuse Negl. 2011 Nov; 35(11): 905-14
[PMID: 22104188 ]

Understanding implementation processes of clinical pathways and clinical practice guidelines in pediatric contexts: a study protocol.
Shannon D Scott, Jeremy Grimshaw, Terry P Klassen, Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, David W Johnson
Implement Sci. 2011 Dec; 6: 133
[PMID: 22204440 ]

Use of personal protective equipment in Canadian pediatric emergency departments.
Sarah M Reid, Ken J Farion, Kathryn N Suh, Tobey Audcent, Nicholas J Barrowman, Amy C Plint
CJEM. 2011 Mar; 13(2): 71-8
[PMID: 21435312 ]

Using cervical spine clearance guidelines in a pediatric population: a survey of physician practices and opinions.
Emma C Burns, Natalie L Yanchar
CJEM. 2011 Feb; 13(1): 1-6
[PMID: 21324290 ]

The treatment of pediatric gastroenteritis: a comparative analysis of pediatric emergency physicians' practice patterns.
Stephen B Freedman, Vithika Sivabalasundaram, Vanessa Bohn, Elizabeth C Powell, David W Johnson, Kathy Boutis
Acad Emerg Med. 2011 Jan; 18(1): 38-45
[PMID: 21182566 ]

Nebulized epinephrine for croup in children.
Candice Bjornson, Kelly F Russell, Ben Vandermeer, Tamara Durec, Terry P Klassen, David W Johnson
Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011 Feb(2): CD006619
[PMID: 21328284 ]

Core competencies in the science and practice of knowledge translation: description of a Canadian strategic training initiative.
Sharon E Straus, Melissa Brouwers, David Johnson, John N Lavis, France Légaré, Sumit R Majumdar, K Ann McKibbon, Anne E Sales, Dawn Stacey, Gail Klein, Jeremy Grimshaw
Implement Sci. 2011 Dec; 6: 127
[PMID: 22152223 ]

Instruments to detect alcohol and other drug misuse in the emergency department: a systematic review.
Amanda S Newton, Rebecca Gokiert, Neelam Mabood, Nicole Ata, Kathryn Dong, Samina Ali, Ben Vandermeer, Lisa Tjosvold, Lisa Hartling, T Cameron Wild
Pediatrics. 2011 Jun; 128(1): e180-92
[PMID: 21646259 ]

Steroids and bronchodilators for acute bronchiolitis in the first two years of life: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Lisa Hartling, Ricardo M Fernandes, Liza Bialy, Andrea Milne, David Johnson, Amy Plint, Terry P Klassen, Ben Vandermeer
BMJ. 2011 Apr; 342: d1714
[PMID: 21471175 ]

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