2009 Publications

PERC 2009 Publications

Consensus-based recommendations for standardizing terminology and reporting adverse events for emergency department procedural sedation and analgesia in children.
Maala Bhatt, Robert M Kennedy, Martin H Osmond, Baruch Krauss, John D McAllister, J Mark Ansermino, Lisa M Evered, Mark G Roback
Ann Emerg Med. 2009 Apr; 53(4)
[PMID: 19026467 ]

Epinephrine and dexamethasone in children with bronchiolitis.
Amy C Plint, David W Johnson, Hema Patel, Natasha Wiebe, Rhonda Correll, Rollin Brant, Craig Mitton, Serge Gouin, Maala Bhatt, Gary Joubert, Karen J L Black, Troy Turner, Sandra Whitehouse, Terry P Klassen
N Engl J Med. 2009 May; 360(20)
[PMID: 19439742 ]

Barriers and supports to implementation of MDI/spacer use in nine Canadian pediatric emergency departments: a qualitative study.
Shannon D Scott, Martin H Osmond, Kathy A O'Leary, Ian D Graham, Jeremy Grimshaw, Terry Klassen, Simi Khangura, Kelly Millar, Milton Tenenbein, Gary I Joubert, Suzanne Schuh, Serge Gouin, Karen Black
Implement Sci. 2009 Oct; 4
[PMID: 19828086 ]

Practice variations in the treatment of febrile infants among pediatric emergency physicians.
Ran D Goldman, Dennis Scolnik, Laurel Chauvin-Kimoff, Ken J Farion, Samina Ali, Tim Lynch, Serge Gouin, Martin H Osmond, David W Johnson, Terry P Klassen
Pediatrics. 2009 Jul; 124(2): 439-45
[PMID: 19620201 ]

Improving outcomes for ill and injured children in emergency departments: protocol for a program in pediatric emergency medicine and knowledge translation science.
Shannon Scott, Lisa Hartling, Jeremy Grimshaw, David Johnson, Martin Osmond, Amy Plint, Rollin Brant, Jamie C Brehaut, Ian D Graham, Gillian Currie, Nicola Shaw, Maala Bhatt, Tim Lynch, Liza Bialy, Terry Klassen
Implement Sci. 2009 Sep; 4: 60
[PMID: 19772665 ]

Court reporters: a viable solution for the challenges of focus group data collection?
Shannon D Scott, Heather Sharpe, Kathy O'Leary, Ulrike Dehaeck, Kathryn Hindmarsh, John Garry Moore, Martin H Osmond
Qual Health Res. 2009 Jan; 19(1): 140-6
[PMID: 19074635 ]

A 4-year review of pediatric mental health emergencies in Alberta.
Amanda S Newton, Samina Ali, David W Johnson, Christina Haines, Rhonda J Rosychuk, Rachel A Keaschuk, Philip Jacobs, Terry P Klassen
CJEM. 2009 Oct; 11(5): 447-54
[PMID: 19788789 ]

The power of stories: using narratives to communicate evidence to consumers.
Shannon D Scott, Lisa Hartling, Terry P Klassen
Nurs Womens Health. 2009 Apr; 13(2): 109-11
[PMID: 19368676 ]

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