2007 Publications

PERC 2007 Publications

Barriers to metered-dose inhaler/spacer use in Canadian pediatric emergency departments: a national survey.
Martin H Osmond, Madlen Gazarian, Richard L Henry, Tammy J Clifford, Jennifer Tetzlaff
Acad Emerg Med. 2007 Aug; 14(11): 1106-13
[PMID: 17699806 ]

Bridging the gap between clinical research and knowledge translation in pediatric emergency medicine.
Lisa Hartling, Shannon Scott-Findlay, David Johnson, Martin Osmond, Amy Plint, Jeremy Grimshaw, Terry P Klassen
Acad Emerg Med. 2007 Oct; 14(11): 968-77
[PMID: 17967958 ]

Development of the capacity necessary to perform and promote knowledge translation research in emergency medicine.
Peter S Dayan, Martin Osmond, Nathan Kuppermann, Eddy Lang, Terry Klassen, David Johnson, Sharon Strauss, Erik Hess, Sandra Schneider, Marc Afilalo, Martin Pusic
Acad Emerg Med. 2007 Oct; 14(11): 978-83
[PMID: 17967959 ]

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  Visit the link below to view synopsis

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