2011 PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

The PERC 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Banff Alberta - attendees were welcomed from coast to coast as well as members of Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN). The third Fellows Education Day was held on the Sunday prior to the research presentations - this day was a great success with distinguished guest speakers Drs. Mona Jabbour, Samina Ali, Antonia Stang, and a team from MD Management Services. Dr. Kathy Shaw from The Children's Hospital Philadelphia presented on patient safety at the staff research day. The 'PERCky' and 'Acronym Contest' were back again this year, presented by Sarah Reid at the PERC dinner.


PERC 2011 Statistics

Total Attendees = 113

Coordinators = 17

Physicians/Allied Health = 58

Fellows = 35

Trainees = 3

Total Presentations = 50

Fellows = 26

Trainee = 3

New Research = 5

Completed Research = 1

Ongoing & Updates = 13

National/Global Initiatives = 2

  Visit the link below to view synopsis

  Visit the link below to view synopsis

  Visit the link below to view synopsis

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