November 2018


Congratulations to the current PERC Chair, Dr. Stephen Freedman, et al. who have had their study “Multicenter Trial of a Combination Probiotic for Children with Gastroenteritis” published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine today. Citation and link to the journal article below:

Stephen B Freedman MDCM, Sarah Williamson-Urquhart B.Sc.Kin, Ken J Farion MD, Serge Gouin MDCM, Andrew R Willan Ph.D, Naveen Poonai MD, Katrina Hurley MD, Philip M Sherman MD, Yaron Finkelstein MD, Bonita E Lee MD, Xiao-Li Pang Ph.d, Linda Chui Ph.d, David Schnadower MD MPH, Jianling Xie MD MPH, Mark Gorelick MD and Suzanne Schuh MD for the PERC PROGUT Trial Group.


The six PERC sites that were involved in the study were Alberta Children’s Hospital, Sick Kids, London, IWK, CHEO and Ste. Justine.


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Great work everyone on this ground breaking study on probiotics for children with gastroenteritis!


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Dr. Roger Zemek

Congratulations to Roger Zemek and team for their publication on the derivation and validation of a clinical risk score for persistent postconcussion symptoms. This important study received the attention of the Federal Health Minister (Jane Philpott), and we are told that ‘PERC’ was mentioned as a main contributor to the study’s success!


Great work everyone on this ground breaking study on concussion. Citation and media links below.


Zemek R, Barrowman N, Freedman SB, Gravel J, Gagnon I, McGahern C, Aglipay M, Sangha G, Boutis K, Beer D, Craig W, Burns E, Farion K, Mikrogianakis A, Barlow K, Dubrovsky AS, Meeuwisse W, Gioia G, Meehan WP, Beauchamp M, Kamil Y, Grool AM, Hoshizaki B, Anderson P, Brooks BL, Yeates KO, Vassilyadi M, Klassen T, Keightley M, Richer L, DeMatteo C, Osmond MH, for the PERC Concussion Team. 


Clinical risk score for persistent postconcussion symptoms among children with acute concussion in the ED. JAMA 2016;315(10):1014-1025.


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  Visit the link below to view synopsis

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