Affiliated Networks

PERC is associated with a number of other outstanding research networks nationally and internationally.

TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK)
Formed in 2011, TREKK is a collaborative national network of pediatric emergency medicine experts and 36 general emergency departments dedicated to ensuring the latest knowledge in the emergency care of children is rapidly put in practice in general emergency departments. TREKK takes the critical evidence developed by PERC , packages it in unique ways, and then using modern technology, disseminates directly to all staff (physicians, nurses, allied health professionals) at general emergency departments across Canada where the majority of children are treated.

TREKK established resource development infrastructure that brings together evidence synthesis experts, leading child health researchers, communication specialists and clinicians within a variety of specialties to identify, review, curate and create evidence-informed resources - read more in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (2021) in the publication "Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK): using research evidence to improve outcomes for children and families in emergency departments across Canada" - Click here to read article.

How PERC and TREKK Work Together

Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN)
PERN is comprised of representative hospitals from the six major national and international Pediatric Emergency Medicine research networks located in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australasia. This relationship enables dialogue between member networks and collaboration between large numbers of researchers and investigative sites across the world. PERC is one of the founding member networks.

Maternal Infant Child and Youth Research Network (MICYRN)
MICYRN was founded in 2006 as a collaborative national initiative to build capacity for high quality applied health research in Canada. Early environmental scans revealed that there was a large amount of research being conducted by teams with investigators based at multiple sites across the country. Each of these groups was working independently, in silos, facing similar barriers to conducting multi-jurisdictional research and implementing findings to improve health care.

In January of 2011, MICYRN incorporated as a federal not-for-profit society linking 19 health research organizations based at academic health centres in Canada and now has over 20 affiliated practice-based research networks. PERC is one of the affiliated research networks.

  Visit the link below to view synopsis

  Visit the link below to view synopsis

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